The key to successful asset management is a clear understanding  of each client’s objectives, needs and risk profile.  Accordingly, Brick Wealth Management professionals meet with new and existing clients to review their objectives and needs and based upon their overall financial picture, develop the most appropriate strategy.

Since each account is maintained separately, one client may result in multiple portfolios:  personal accounts, IRA’s, family limited partnerships, trusts, etc.  Each account, given its unique requirements, is customized to address the objectives established for those assets.

Depending upon market conditions, new portfolios are invested in securities over a period of time.  Cash is “layered” into the market as buying opportunities present themselves.  While many accounts may have the same positions, no two portfolios are exactly alike due to individual client objectives and the point in time the portfolio is established.

Many times clients have existing securities they do not want to sell. Brick Wealth Management maintains these positions at the clients’ discretion.  These positions may have a low cost basis that would create large capital gains and a tax liability if sold.  As alternatives to selling, we employ several techniques for enhancing returns from these stocks especially if they represent a disproportionate amount of the portfolio.  Option strategies, such as covered call writing, may be utilized with the client’s permission.

Our clients’ assets are in the custody of a major clearing firm and are held in the clients’ names for security purposes.  Our compensation is a management fee which is paid quarterly based on the account value.



We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.