Using a sophisticated Excel based program, Brick & Kyle offers a one and one-half hour counseling session for those contemplating retirement. This program provides a detailed projection of an individual’s financial scenario over the upcoming 30 years considering sources of retirement income, current investments, expected benefit plan distributions, estimated living expenses during retirement, age, current household income, etc. Factored into the program are variables such as estimates of inflation rates, cost of living adjustments, tax law changes, etc.

The resulting projection is incorporated in a 12-page report, which is both numerical and graphic, and provides the following information:

— Thirty-year projections for IRA balances as well as personal holdings.

— Calculation and forecast of income taxes based upon current tax laws.

— Calculation of mandatory IRA withdrawals at age 73 in accordance with IRS regulations and taxation thereof.

— Whether part-time employment is necessary in retirement to make ends meet until Social Security payments begin and, if so, how much.

— The annual after-tax amount the retiree can afford to live on in retirement and not exhaust assets.

This individual retirement counseling is completely personalized. The unique software package used to create the personal analysis allows the pre-retiree to play “what if” with all retirement scenarios. During the counseling session, other financial matters such as pension options, insurance needs, debt management problems, and estate planning are also addressed.


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