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Retirement Planning Services

Retirement Planning Services

Brick & Kyle Associates, Inc. also offers comprehensive tax and financial planning for pre-retirees and retirees who are seeking assistance in planning a financially secure future.  As well as assessing client risk, longevity issues and inflation, the financial planning process entails developing a detailed profile of a client’s financial situation with respect to both current and future needs.  A complete review of assets and income sources, coupled with an understanding of goals and objectives, serves as the foundation for developing a prudent investment strategy in retirement.

Topics covered in this financial planning process include:

  • Wealth Accumulation/Personal Net Worth
  • Impact of Taxes and Inflation
  • Cash Flow Analysis/Net Worth Statement
  • Income Projections
  • Life Insurance Needs
  • Debt Management/Budgeting
  • Investment Strategies

While no one can predict future market performance and future returns, constructing a financial plan helps to define the appropriate investment strategy.  Assets with long-term horizons can be invested more aggressively than those with near-term liquidity requirements.  Older investors typically wish to assume less risk with capital since it may be needed to meet retirement living expenses.  Assets required to generate income are invested differently than assets segregated for growth.

In its effort to assist clients in taking control of their financial futures, Brick & Kyle Associates, Inc. is committed to developing the appropriate financial strategy to reach those goals.  For Brick & Kyle Associates, Inc. clients, there is no additional fee for retirement planning services.